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Monthly Zoom lessons

Health & BodyAwareness group November - April 2024


By Noora Ehnqvist

• Certified Physical Education Instructor since 2002

• Holistic Horsemanship Instructor since 2006

• BodyAwareness teacher since 2008

• Global clinics in Holistic Horsemanship and    BodyAwareness since 2011

• Certified RYT 200-h Yoga Teacher

• Certified RYT 500-h Yoga Teacher

• Embodied Flow inspired instructor

In the monthly Zoom sessions we will cover:


  • Stress and tension REGULATION and release 

  • Specific wisdom for reducing pain and finding EASE

  • Inner stability & healthy mobility

  • Activate deep core muscles and rotational strength

  • Restore elasticity - sign of health 

  • Appreciated, safe and updated exercises

  • Noora has healed her body challenges with this wisdom and many experience the same


  • Reduce quiet inflammation from the gut, brain and tissues.

  • Nutrition's role in pain-free and energetic life

  • Wisdom based on evolving microbiology and funtional health

  • 15 min compact Health reminder in the beginning of the session

  • For 17 years Noora has healed her autoimmune dysfunction with nutrition


  • Feeling (too) stiff? This is the way to restore elasticity and strength without 'push and pull'

  • Mindful practice, learn to use your body (parts) more consciously

  • Balances the nervous system for better activity and better sleep

  • We also bounce and losen up

  • Improve your embodied language to support work with animals, children, other people etc.

 🇬🇧 Once a month on the 2nd Tuesday of the month

  • The journey started on November 14th at 19.00 Paris, you can still join and get the recording.

  • You can choose to join live and/ or the recording - you can practice when it suits you.​   The recording is available to view for a month 

  • We start with 15 minutes compact theme about nourishment supporting pain-free life, gut and tissue health, energy level and anti-inflammation

  • 1 h 15 min BodyAwareness session with conscious exercises 

  • Language: English

 🇫🇮 Suomenkielinen ryhmä joka kuukauden 3. tiistai

  • Alkaen 21.11 klo 19.30-21. Voit tulla mukaan myöhemmin ja aloittaa nauhoitteella.

  • Jatkossa voit osallistua live-tapaamiseen ja/ tai tehdä nauhoitteen koska sinulle sopii. Nauhoite on katsottavissa kuukauden ajan.

  • Alussa 15 min kompakti teema ravinnosta joka tukee kivutonta elämää, vatsan ja kudosten terveyttä, energiatasoa ja madaltaa tulehdusta.

  • 1 h 15 min Kehotietoisuus osuus, tietoisia harjoituksia

  • Kieli: suomi


Folding Yoga Mat

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