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Access your course:

BodyAwareness Foundation
8-week program
  • 15 video sequences + preparation videos

  • Variety of exercises to choose from = Hours of wise guidance

  • Learn to use the deep inner muscles and release pain from the back and hips

  • Keep the practice safe with sore/ stiff body parts

  • Access to all materials for 8 weeks.

  • Body-mind connection

  • Learn to make the practice truthful for yourself

  • Practice anytime it suits you

  • Compact dance videos for elasticity, grace and joy!

  • Compact knowledge of nourishment

  • Facebook community for support and extras

BodyAwareness EXTENSIVE
All-inclusive 12-months 

All included:

  • The whole Fundamental program of over 15 videos PLUS over 30 MORE videos, creating more strength, ease and elasticity in your body

  • New videos, materials and updates! 

  • More easy recipes and knowledge about nutrition

  • Access to the whole program for 12 months

  • Designed to be with you on this formative process

  • Build the healthy core connection, heal your pain

  • Release stress, lower your cortisol levels and restore vitality

  • Practice anytime it suits you

  • Facebook community for support and extras!

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