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BodyAwareness Wisdom


BodyAwareness Wisdom Online program and clinics 

for balanced, supple and free body


What you will get:

  • Keys to releasing tension and stiffness, easing pain

  • Clear guidance for how to use deep muscles that keep pain away from the back and hips

  • Learn safe options for sore/ stiff back, knees or hips

  • Better sleep and stress release: balance of nervous systems

  • Healing rotation into the spine instead of tensing the back muscles

  • Elasticity for healthy tissues and joints

  • Dancing is a great way of releasing the physical and mental holding of the body. This is why short dance clips are part of the program! 


Outdoors Yoga Class

" I never felt so balanced, flexible and and open in my 52 year old body since I was a child. And actually, I was suffering from incontinentia before I started this program. I did some excercises for about a year before and tried a couple of other things, with no success. But after a couple of months with the BodyAwareness Wisdom program it improved significantly, and now I am almost back to normal.


Thank you so much for this wonderful program and your kind instructions. Taking the BodyAwareness Wisdom course was the best decision I made!"

M.N, Germany

" This course is absolutely for people who feel that pulling and pushing only create tension, and who are searching for other ways to strengthen the body.

It is for anyone who wants to re-establish the natural connection with the body and it's wisdom. To really have an internal conversation about the space, strength and length inside. "     J.D. The Netherlands

"As an extension of that, it's about encouraging higher and deeper connection with all animals who naturally have this ability to harness that inner wisdom and peace - and are naturally attracted to those of us humans who are lucky enough to be able to rediscover it."

L.O Norway


" The gentle movements really open the body up; they teach to listen to the body and to accept what is. Body softens up. " T.E Finland

"My  sensitive body often reacts to the events of life, but by doing these movements that physically and mentally align me and open me up  I return home; into my body."

H.M Finland



*Fascia is connective tissue throughout the body and it's the biggest sensory organ of the body, bigger than skin. 

Fascia is part of our nervous systems and it stores tension and memories. It cannot be pulled hard to soften, it would only protect more. Fascia needs conscious, breathing, elastic and rotating approach.

Horses on a meadow


Animals read our subconscious body language easily. Tension, stress, fear and kindness are all visible in our body. Animals naturally respond to them.

BodyAwareness Wisdom is formed by working with horses and other animals; they wish us to be grounded, centred, clear and soft in our way of being and moving. BodyAwareness Wisdom helps us connect and train animals with more conscious quality.

Yoga by the Sea


Body & mind cannot be separated. Waves of mind and emotions affect the breath and fascia, connective tissue, around the whole body. 

Regular mindfulness practice has been proved to release stress and to improve the balance of both body and mind. it helps us focus and sleep better.


Lower stress levels support the health of the whole immune system. 

Landscape with lake


BodyAwareness Wisdom is made out of: Somatic awareness, work with horses, Yoga, Dance, Pilates and body wisdom.

The focus is mostly on the essential aspects and HOW to do the movements - to make all the difference for you

BodyAwareness wisdom understands many physical and mental challenges and the exercises are safe and they give some options for different body situations. helps us to relieve pain and to end stress related symptoms. Customers have reported various great results over the many years. 


Yet these videos are not the most therapeutic and slow form of exercises.  For anyone searching for deeply therapeutic guidance I recommend calm Somatic approach and Feldenkreis. 

Anyone with serious medical issues always consult your doctor and search help from local professionals.


Red and Orange Gradient


  79€ Now 59€      250€ Now 199€  

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