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BodyAwareness and Holistic Horsemanship Instructor


• Certified Physical Education Instructor since 2002

• Holistic Horsemanship Instructor since 2006

• BodyAwareness teacher since 2008

• Global clinics in Holistic Horsemanship and BodyAwareness since 2011

• Certified RYT 200-h Yoga Teacher

• Certified RYT 500-h Yoga Teacher

• Embodied Flow inspired instructor


  • Dancing since age of 7, later performed some years in a show group. Since 2006 very active in salsa dancing and many other partner-dance forms. Dancing comes from within and moves through the body. Noora's work with and without horses is influenced by her dance experience.

  • Has experienced big challenges with her own body body: untreatable scoliosis, hollow and painful lower back, weak core muscles, sore knees, easily dislocating hips, nerve pain, all-around stiffness, severe intestine inflammation, crash of vitality. Yoga and many other activities were too hard due to the severe pain. Started to search ways to find better health and energy.

  • Followed holistic health development from early adulthood, educated as a Physical Exercise Instructor. This lead to working also in Finnish parliament house for few years. Got deeply influenced by the body-aware and intuitive horseman Klaus Hempfling and by the master body teacher Janice Redman who combined Feldenkreis, art of Ballet, Pilates and Yoga in a system called BodyFlow. Later stepped into the field of Somatic wisdom by Embdoed Flow Yoga teacher training. There was no turn back from the deeper wisdom of the body.

  • It is very possible to make a big shift and gain inner wisdom. Noora found healing keys to most of her issues, including releasing old tensions and building mobile, conscious strength throughout her body. The keys formed BodyAwareness Wisdom and conscious knowledge of nutrition. As these fields keep developing, we keep developing.

The horse work emphasises body awareness, energy awareness and respectful horse training. Animals are naturally tuned into the subtle language of the body. 

I help heartfelt professionals and all level animal lovers in many countries to find conscious, respectful and communicative connection and co-operation with horses.


I walk the path of intuitive and conscious horse people who focus on keeping the spirit of the horse alive and happy. I've also seen many different ways. I believe in respect, self-awareness and emotionally safe learning for both the horse and human.

Read more about my work with horses at 

Wild Icelandic Horses
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