Online program for balanced, supple and free body

                  Fundamental body wisdom
               Non-holding, conscious way to balance


What you will get:

Learn the Fundamental elements of BodyAwareness Wisdom

  • Activate and release different body parts - the key towards pain-free body

  • Pressure off from knees, other joints and vertibraes

  • Release tension, stiffness and pain

  • Rotate gently, no push and pull - the wisdom of fascia (connective tissue)

  • Strengthen and activate the deep Core - your key to health

  • Bounce and dance - restore your natural Elasticity

  • Conscious alignment - move without pain

  • BodyMedicine: Heal the pain in Your back, shoulders, knees, hips..!

  • Fundamental wisdom which help you in other movement methods too

  • Learn why pushing energy might NOT be the way to strength, and why stretching as 'pulling' might PREVENT you from becoming/ staying flexible.

  • Simple and powerful knowledge of nutrition for the health of your fascia, thyroid and vitality in over all.

Restore your natural Feel, Ease and Health - it's in you and for you !


"I am absolutely convinced of the BodyAwareness Wisdom program, and have never found someone explaining so clearly what the beauty of this wisdom is. All other trainings I've had or seen before were focusing on the moves without focusing on the lightness of movement or the inner strength. I found out I was missing the inner strength and stability, and I joyfully feel how they are developing now. This is really amazing."   -- Manuela

BodyAwareness Fundamental
8-week program

  • 15 video sequences + preparation videos

  • Variety of exercises to choose from = Hours of wise guidance

  • Learn to use the deep inner muscles and release pain from the back and hips

  • Keep the practice safe with sore/ stiff body parts

  • Access to all materials for 8 weeks.

  • Body-mind connection

  • Learn to make the practice truthful for yourself

  • Practice anytime it suits you

  • Compact dance videos for elasticity, grace and joy!

  • Compact knowledge of nourishment

  • Facebook community for support and extras

BodyAwareness EXTENSIVE
All-inclusive 12-months 

All included:

  • The whole Fundamental program of over 15 videos PLUS over 30 MORE videos, creating more strength, ease and elasticity in your body

  • New videos, materials and updates! 

  • More easy recipes and knowledge about nutrition

  • Access to the whole program for 12 months

  • Designed to be with you on this formative process

  • Build the healthy core connection, heal your pain

  • Release stress, lower your cortisol levels and restore vitality

  • Practice anytime it suits you

  • Facebook community for support and extras!

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  79€ Now 59€         250€ Now 199 € 

  • BodyAwareness 8-week

    Foundation Course, 8 weeks access
    Valid for 8 weeks
  • EXTENSIVE 12-months

    Full program; Extensive Wisdom materials for 12 months
    Valid for 12 months